Work Related Injuries

Work Related Injuries Chiropractor in Van Nuys

Work Related Injuries

Work related injuries chiropractor in Van Nuys and Culver City are an unfortunate side effect of many jobs. Even jobs that don’t seem to be associated with a lot of danger – such as office jobs – can lead to repetitive-stress injuries that take a significant toll on the individual. If you are suffering from a work injury and think that chiropractic care might play an important part in your recover, contact Advanced Chiropractic Rehab today. We have two locations, one in Van Nuys and one in Culver City, to make it easy for you to reach us. Dr. Parvin Alemi & Dr. Mehran Shei would be proud to serve you soon!

A Lot to Deal With

There is a lot that happens in the aftermath of getting hurt on the job. First, of course, is the matter of dealing with your injuries. You need to work on getting healthy, and that might mean receiving emergency treatment at the hospital before moving into the rehabilitation process. You’ll need to restore your physical health before you can get back to life as usual.

Beyond your physical health, there are other issues to think about including how you’ll pay your bills if you have to miss work for any period of time. Are you eligible for workers’ compensation benefits? Is there another job you can perform while waiting to get better? It seems there are more questions than answers early on, and that can be frustrating. Work related injuries are a challenging experience for anyone, and Advanced Chiropractic Rehab would be proud to play a small role in helping you get your life put back together.

Work Related Injuries Chiropractor in Culver City

Dealing with Repetitive Stress Problems

If you picture getting hurt on the job, you might think first about a dramatic, life-changing accident involving heavy machinery. Those types of accidents do take place, of course, but repetitive stress injuries cause even more on-the-job problems. If you do the same thing over and over again in your job, and you have been doing that task for years, it’s possible that your body will break down under the stress.

Working with an injury chiropractic office is a good option for addressing some of the issues associated with repetitive stress injuries. Depending on the specific nature of your situation, injury chiropractic may be able to alleviate some of the pain that you are experiencing. Finding a way to get relief from pain is a huge step on the path back toward what your life looked like prior to getting hurt in the first place.

Making Adjustments

As you work your way back toward health, you might need to work together with your employer to find a way to modify your role to avoid future injuries. This is particularly true for repetitive stress issues that are likely to come back once you return to doing what you were doing all along. Even after getting injury chiropractic care, you could still have ongoing pain issues if you stick with performing the same tasks in the same manner. Making smart changes could help you get away from this ongoing injury problem.

A Full Collection of Services

When you turn to Advanced Chiropractic Rehab for help, you will find that we have many different services available for you to use. For massage therapy, pregnancy chiropractic care, back neck pain, and much more, reach out to one of our offices for help. Once you experience the high quality of care you’ll receive at our locations, we think you will want to come back time after time for treatment.

Call for More Information

Work related injuries chiropractor in Van Nuys and Culver City are frustrating, but don’t give up hope without seeking out all possible types of care to address your issues. Not sure if chiropractic care is right for your needs? No problem – feel free to give us a call and we can discuss your situation. Chiropractic treatment can be useful in a wide variety of situations, but we’ll need to talk about your specific needs to determine what kind of treatment may be best. Thank you for taking the time to visit Advanced Chiropractic Rehab and we are excited to speak with you!

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