Chiropractor During Pregnancy

Chiropractor During Pregnancy in Van Nuys

Chiropractor During Pregnancy

Chiropractor during pregnancy services are one of the many treatments available at Advanced Chiropractic Rehab. Dr. Parvin Alemi & Dr. Mehran Shei are proud to offer two convenient locations to patients – one in Van Nuys and one in Culver City – and we love to welcome pregnant women into our offices for treatment. There are many physical challenges that come along with carrying a baby, and chiropractic care is one option for dealing with those difficulties. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment. We hope to meet your soon!

Back Pain is Common in Pregnancy

There are plenty of difficult side effects that come along with carrying a child for more than nine months, and back pain is one of them for many women. As more and more weight is carried on the front of your body, it only makes sense that your back would experience some strain. To deal with that strain day after day is a difficult challenge – especially if you continue to work and be active well into your pregnancy.

Seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy is one way to deal with these back issues. Our office would be proud to help you negotiate the back problems you may run into during the time that you are carrying a child. Chiropractic care during pregnancy is something that has helped many women get the most out of this experience, and we hope it can be a positive impact on your situation, as well.

Chiropractor During Pregnancy in Culver City

What Can You Gain?

Every pregnancy is different. Given that fact, the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy are going to change from person to person. There’s no way to know exactly how you will benefit, but some patients enjoy a reduction in nausea symptoms, reduced pain, and improved overall health. This should be a fun, enjoyable time of your life, but it can be hard to enjoy when you are struggling with issues that make you uncomfortable throughout much of the day.

The best way to approach chiropractic care during pregnancy is to speak with your chiropractor directly about the needs of your body. By developing a treatment plan that addresses your specific, personal needs, you will be far more likely to enjoy benefits for the duration of your pregnancy. Without this kind of customized, personal care, you might not get the results you were hoping to achieve.

An Ever-Changing Experience

There are many changes that go on with a woman’s body over the course of an entire pregnancy. Just when a woman starts to feel comfortable in her pregnant body, something else will change and a new challenge will arise. This is why it’s important to care for yourself throughout the entire process. You’ll continue to grow as the months go by and your body will keep doing the hard work of preparing for labor. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can help you to address these ongoing changes and hopefully keep you comfortable enjoy to enjoy the excitement of this special time in life.

Care Long After Your Pregnancy is Over

When you are in the middle of the process, it can feel like your pregnancy is just going to go on and on. That isn’t the case, of course, and it will come to an end in the relatively near future. Of course, then you will have a new baby to care for, and a whole new set of challenges in your life. At Advanced Chiropractic Rehab, we offer many more services to continue caring for your needs after pregnancy is a thing of the past. Back and neck pain treatment, massage therapy, work injury rehabilitation, and many other services are offered in each of our two offices.

Let’s Chat Today

Chiropractor during pregnancy is something that many women consider, but some don’t take action to call for an appointment until it is too late, and their due date has almost arrived. Instead of continuing to put it off, make the choice to contact Advanced Chiropractic Rehab today to set an appointment or to ask any questions you may have for our team. Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

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